Brand Guidelines

Use this guide as an overview of the key elements which help to bring the Almond Blossom Nature Connections brand to life.


The Almond Blossom Nature Connections brand is designed to be:

  • Contemporary, but not so much so that it needs to be continually updated and changed to match the trends.

  • Not youthful to the point of being down with the kids, but not so mature that it's out of touch. Aspirational and not boring.

  • Playful enough that it's fun and visually enjoyable in places, but serious enough to reflect the issues of adoption, parenting and mental health.

  • Luxurious enough to reflect the specialist nature of the site, the qualifications of the founder, and the quality of the advice and retreats.

  • Organic but ordered, to reflect the mix of structure and randomness in the natural world as well, as the fact that parenting isn't perfect.



The Almond Blossom Nature Connections logo is the most recognisable aspect of the brand. 

Because the brand is not yet well-known, the logo should generally be used along with the wordmark that carries the business name.

There are several variations of the logo/wordmark arrangement, so the best one can be used to fit a specific situation. 

Vertical arrangement 1

Vertical arrangement 2

Horizontal arrangement